The Purpose of the AV1611Reformation.com Website”

Greetings and know: This is the great soul ruining error, when the heart is practically corrupted, to prefer sin and its wages before obedience and its reward…To be always and in all things, private and public, personal and relative, mortified, crucified, and denied, and to have no rest given it, the flesh likes not; and unbelief makes use of so unwelcome a task to bring the whole soul into a dislike of that doctrine whereby it is required…Let none, therefore, to whom the word of God comes, mistake themselves; they are engaged! and there is no coming off but as conquerors, or ruined!  If they receive it not, it will be the aggravation of their sins, the eternal destruction of their souls.

“It was said by some of old, that ‘the scripture hath fords where a lamb may wade, and depths where an elephant may swim.’  Let any lamb of Christ, the weakest Christian, come to the sacred oracles  with due reverence, and he  will find no place so dark or difficult, but will yield him some benefit; and let the wisest, the most learned and experienced person, that seems like an elephant in spiritual skill and strength amongst the flock, come to the plainest place to search out the mind and will of God in it, if he be humble as well as learned (which if he be not he is not wise) he will scarce boast that he hath been at the bottom of it, and hath perfectly comprehended all that is in it; seeing whatever we know, we know but in part.”  Puritan John Owen.


That which appears and will appear on this site is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Judge of all the Earth, the King of Saints, the Just One, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, the Saviour of the World. In Him we live and move and have our being. Without Him, we can do nothing.

This website is further dedicated to the infallible word of God in the English language: the AV1611 King James Bible; and to proclaiming the Doctrines of Grace contained therein.

3 Responses to “Purpose”

  1. Fred Daugherty says:

    I am glad to hear someone who has very strong convictions and I wish I could express myself
    as well but at least You have helped me to understand
    my deep feelings regarding the False religious system ie: RCC In Christ , Fred

  2. Fred,

    My thanks for taking time to let me know that you have found the material of use to authenticate your own spiritual sense and understanding. It is but the grace of God that gives us ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to understand. May Jesus Christ receive all praise, glory and honor for His work in the lives of his people whom He has saved from their sins. Nelson

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