God’s Divorce (Audio Series)

Pastor Nelson Turner is the author of God’s Divorce.

 • Does the Bible teach that divorce is sin?

• Did Jesus ever recognize the legitimancy of divorce when he was on the earth?

• Does God command a spouse to remain in a marriage where he or she is subjected to physical or mental abuse?

• Is it true that if I am divorced and remarried, I am living in adultery?

• What did the Christians or previous generations teach and practice concerning divorce?

These and many similar questions are answered from the Bible in God’s Divorce by Pastor Nelson C. Turner. The author demonstrates the true Christian teaching of divorce from the Bible in a manner that can be understood by anyone willing to believe the Scriptures, and provides historical documentation of what the Baptists, Puritans, Protestants, and Catholics have taught and practiced concerning divorce. The truths of Scripture are placed in the context of history and individual experience, magnifying the holiness and righteousness of God by proclaiming the justice of his law of divorce.


A limited number of bound copies of God’s Divorce remain. Arrangements for obtaining a copy may be made by writing to Pastor Turner via the website e-mail address ( bookland@comcast .net ) or by U.S Postal Service at P.O. Box 257 Grantville, PA 17028 USA.


 The book will also be available on a continuing basis via .pdf  format (sent via locked and copyrighted CD) on condition of agreement not to in ANY manner, in part or in toto,  copy, reproduce or edit the book without the prior written consent of Pastor Turner.  Arrangement for obtaining a .pdf copy of God’s Divorce can be made by writing to Pastor Turner as per instructions above.


 If you are in need of spiritual counseling — whether for comfort or correction — due to challenges presented in your life by infidelity, abuse, separation or divorce, please contact Pastor Turner ( bookland@comcast.net ) with your questions.


Downloadable Sermons Concerning God’s Law of Divorce  1) Right-click on link below 2) Left-click on “Save Target As” 3) Save to file of your choice  Note: Depending on your computer setup, left-clicking on the links below will cause the files to play automatically in your computer’s media player. (Copyrighted material. May be downloaded for personal use, but reproductionand sale is forbidden and is a copyright infringement.) Note: Contact Information on the following audios is out-of-date. Please direct all correspondence and inquiries to Pastor Turner at bookland@comcast.net


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