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The links below are to the most recent sermons (and special studies) preached by Pastor Turner. These links appear also on the AV1611 Blog, and on the relevant Video and Audio pages of this website. They are collected here for the convenience of the faithful followers of this ministry.

“Freedom and liberty are only experienced in servitude to Jesus Christ. Men that will not be slaves to God will be slaves to sin and sinners. Those that will not be ruled by the beneficent King of kings and Lord of lords must invariably fall to the galling yoke and heavy burden of unrighteous men. Those that tremble before the word of God are made free, while those that spurn the word of God are bound fast.”  (from the Introduction to God’s Divorce by Pastor Nelson Turner)

Christian Voter Guide for 2016 Presidential Election

Special Study: CHRIST AND MOHAMMED (Have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness)

Special Study: Work, Labor & Money

Heaven and Hell 1_Pastor Nelson Turner_7-16-2016

Heaven and Hell 2_Pastor Nelson Turner_7-18-2016

Heaven and Hell 3_The Quickening_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_7-23-16

Heaven and Hell 4a_Lazarus&Dives 1_Pastor Nelson Turner_7-25-2016

Heaven&Hell 4b_Lazarus&Dives 2_Pastor Nelson Turner_7-30-16

Heaven and Hell 5_Eternal Judgement_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_8-1-16

Heaven and Hell 5b_Eternal Judgement 2_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_8-6-16

Heaven&Hell 6_The-Everlasting-Gospel_Pastor-Nelson-Turner_WINB_8-8-16

Heaven&Hell 7_The Priesthood of Christ_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_8-13-16

Heaven&Hell 8_Trees_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_8-15-16

AV1611Hour_Independence_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_7-2-16

AV1611Hour_The Path Of The Just_Pastor Nelson Turner_7-9&7-11-16

AV1611Hour_More Blessed to Give Than to Receive_Pastor Nelson Turner_4-16-2016

AV1611Hour_Reading- Thom. Hartwell Horne – Blessedness of Christian Revelation_4-23-2016

AV1611Hour_Separation_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_4-30-2016

AV1611Hour_Separation Part2_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_5-7-2016

AV1611Hour_Separation Part 3_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_5-14-2016

AV1611Hour_Who Shall Stand_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_5-21-2016

AV1611Hour_Boldness_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_6-4-16

AV1611Hour_Doctrine of the Flesh_Part1_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_6-11-16

AV1611Hour_Doctrine of the Flesh_Part2_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_6-18-16

Textual Criticism

Special Study “Hope In Bondage” Based on Nehemiah Chapter 9

  1. AV1611Hour_Hope in Bondage 1_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_1-30-16
  2. AV1611Hour_Hope in Bondage 2_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_2-6-16
  3. AV1611Hour_Hope in Bondage 3_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_2-13-16

AV1611Hour_A Double Minded Man_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_1-9-16

AV1611Hour_Your Work Shall Be Rewarded_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_1-16-16

AV1611Hour_Life & Heart of Solomon 1_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_1-23-16

AV1611Hour_Hope in Bondage_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_1-30-16

Special Study: Should Christians Worship Mary?

Intro – Should A Christian Worship Mary

Should Christians Pray to Mary Part 2

Orestes Brownson on Roman Catholic Saint Worship

False Worship of Mary – More Readings Orestes Brownson

Queen of Heaven – False Worship of Mary

Mary No Mediator_Pastor Nelson Turner

Keep Yourself From Idols (Maryolatry concl.)

Recent Preaching (church and radio)

Social Media: A Ship of Fools_Pastor Nelson Turner_WINB_5-9-15

Hypocrisy -_Pastor Nelson Turner

A New House – Pastor Nelson Turner

Present Possession: What We Have In Christ – Pastor Nelson Turner

Overcometh – Pastor Nelson Turner

Courage – Pastor Nelson Turner

Follow Me_Pastor Nelson Turner_8-1-15

The Faithful God_Pastor Nelson Turner_8-8-15

Inspiration of the Anger of God_Pastor Nelson Turner_8-22-15

Christian Self-Examination_Pastor Nelson Turner_8-29-2015

The Desire of All Nations_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-5-15

The Stone The Shepherd Of Israel_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-12-15

No Fear of God 1of2_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-19-15

No Fear of God 2of2_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-26-15

One Man’s Disobedience: The Body Count_Pastor Nelson Turner_10-3-15

The Gospel of Creation (Multi-part Special Study)

The Love of the World (sermon for the Lord’s Day 4/26/2015)

A Just Weight

Reading on the Doctrine of Hell_Pastor Nelson Turner_2-7-15

The End of Priests_Pastor Nelson Turner_2-14-15

Lessons of Salvation in the Book of Ruth_Pastor Nelson Turner_2-21-2015

Noah the Protestant_Pastor Nelson Turner_2-28-15

Christ and the Will_Pastor Nelson Turner_3-7-15

Bible Evidence Against So-Called Gay Marriage_Pastor Nelson Turner_10-25-14

Love of Money – Root of All Evil_Pastor Nelson Turner_11-2-14

The Grant of God_Pastor Nelson Turner_11-8-14

The Hatred of God_Pastor Nelson Turner_11-15-14

Two Chains-BondageInSinOrLibertyInTheLord_Pastor Nelson Turner_12-20-14

The Way to the Strait Gate_Pastor Nelson Turner_12-27-14

What Is Lawful_Pastor Nelson Turner_1-3-15

God Not The Author Of Sin_AV1611Hour_7-12-14

Born of God Part 1 of 2_AV1611Hour_7-26-14

Born of God Part 2 of 2_AV1611Hour_8-2-14

By Himself_AV1611Hour_8-9-14

The Faith of Elijah_AV1611Hour_8-16-14


The Law of Nature_AV1611Hour_8-30-14

God’s Jewels_AV1611Hour_9-6-14

Are You A Believer_1of2_AV1611Hour_9-13-14

Are You A Believer_2of2_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-20-14

Crippled Calvinism_Pastor Nelson Turner_9-27-14

The Nature of the Word of God_Pastor Nelson Turner_10-4-14

The Great Transaction_Pastor Nelson Turner_10-11-14

Sinners_Pastor Nelson Turner_10-18-14

ThumbnailKing David and His Belief in The Doctrines of Grace

Special Study Series: “Moses and Christ OR The Law versus Grace”

Are you under the law, or are you under grace?

Is your salvation dependent upon the works that you struggle by your will to perform, or upon the work which the Lord Jesus Christ has finished for you if you are His?

“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by the Lord Jesus Christ” John 1:17

Other Recent Sermons

Madmen And Christ

The Way of Peace_1of2_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Way of Peace_2of2_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Doctrine of ALL THINGS_1of2_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Doctrine of ALL THINGS_2of2_Pastor Nelson Turner

Pillar Of Witness_Part 1 of 2

Pillar Of Witness_Part 2 of 2

The Veracity Of The Scriptures_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Priesthood of Christ_Pastor Nelson Turner

To Obey_1_PastorNelsonTurner

To Obey_2_PastorNelsonTurner

The Ministry of Angels_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Bread of Heaven_Pastor Nelson Turner

Misplaced Trust_Pastor Nelson Turner

Man of No Account_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Word Of God – The Power Of God

Two Images

Our Heart

Spirit of Whoredoms

Commemoration of the Lord’s Table — Pastor Nelson Turner

The Christian Minister – Pastor Nelson Turner – 11-4-2012

The Family of God – Pastor Nelson Turner

The State and Rulers – Pastor Nelson Turner – 10-7-2012

The Vomit Church (Part 1)

The Vomit Church (Part 2)

Remember The Bible

The Saint

Come Out Of Her My People


Tyranny (Part 1): Freedom Threatened By Sins of a Nation

Tyranny (Part 2): Freedom Threatened By Sins of a Nation

The Good Shepherd Versus Idol Shepherds (Part 1)

Desires of The Heart

The Saint and The Sinner

More Tolerable For Sodom Than For Thee

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