Bible Doctrine on Deceivers

This is a Special Study page collecting various sermons delivered by Pastor Nelson Turner  of which focus on the word of God as it shines its eternal, perfect, discerning light on deceit as found in the hearts of men to deceive themselves, others and — were it possible — God.

Deceit is found in men in many forms. There are those who say that they can bring forth good from evil. There are those who profess their own righteousness without possessing the righteousness of God. There are those who, ignorant of God’s word, or hating it,  reject truth and “the way” as found therein; who imagine alternate truths or other ways. Woe unto them all.

May the preaching of God’s word contained within the media below remind the Elect of God how blessed we are to have been granted the gift of faith; to have been given the gift of the new birth, and saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. May we remember that we have no cause to boast of ourselves, for all that is of merit in us is of the Lord.

May the preaching of the word of God contained within the media presented herein, be a truthful witness of condemnation to the wicked, vile, perverted deceivers who —  contrary to the professed ends of their “free will” and wicked imaginations —  bring glory to the Lord God by their certain and just destruction by the word spoken from His mouth.

The audio media below is available for free download. Please respect copyright law and refrain from all resale, uncredited reuse,  and/or editing or other modification of the video or audio made available here for your edification and instruction.



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