Testimony and Ministry History of Nelson Turner

EASTER, 1981

Self portrait done in 1981 depicting myself turned away from the work of the cross and God.

I am a common sinner, saved by the blood of Christ and converted on January 18th, 1986 upon profession of faith that “I have been reading my Bible (a King James Bible) and believe everything in it  is true.”  I spoke this to a high school class mate on the phone spontaneously,   and at that time, approximately 4:30 P.M. on a cold winter day, I was filled with the certainty that something had changed in me, and that it was the first good change that ever occurred in my life.  An indescribable joy pervaded my whole being, my heart and mouth broke out with a glorious laughter and happiness, and I somehow sensed I was no longer going to hell.  I had been reading my grandmother’s King James Bible at home alone, praying on my face and confessing my sins to God for months, and found that the world, women, rock music, drunkenness, and drugs were losing their appeal and power to me.  Intuitively and without instruction while reading the New Testament, I came to the knowledge that if there was any hope for me at all, it was in the person of Jesus Christ and the things I found written in the Bible.  My profession of faith was that everything in the King James Bible was true, and so it is to this day.

Subsequent to making this confession of faith, I hung the phone up and got out of the chair in which I was sitting, and walked down the steps in my parent’s house into a dining room where there was a 3 foot high square of books piled in the corner of the room.  Under some strong compulsion, I stuck my hand into the middle of the pile and grasped a book that I could not see and pulled it out of the midst of the books.  It was my dead grandmother’s King James Bible, which had been lost for some time, and I had been using another in its place.  The joy, peace, and relief that overwhelmed my soul at this time I attached to what was in this book that I held in my hands.  So too it is to this day; the Bible is absolute truth and as full  a representation of Jesus Christ as can be transmitted in written form to man on the earth.  That night I laid down to sleep and did not sleep at all; my mind was filled with thoughts of the reality of God, Christ, and the truth of the Bible.  The next morning I attended a local evangelical church.

I began to attend a “Fundamental, Independent, Bible believing” church in the town where I graduated from high school.  One Sunday a preacher from India visited the church and preached on “the call to full time ministry.”  I was deeply convicted that God had called me to preach at this time; it was as if a voice within speaking to my mind was saying, “you, you, you are to preach the gospel.”  I told the Lord in my heart that I could not do it, but “if you will do it in me, I will do it.”  This occurred in August of 1986.  I did not go forward for the altar call to full time service, as the church I was sitting in taught that a divorced and remarried man could not be a pastor or have a ministry (I had been divorced and was single at the time) and I somehow sensed that there was something not right about going forward and kneeling in front of a prayer rail at a kneeling bench as a method of showing other people I was getting spiritual.  Later that year I was baptized by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost in the same church, after I read the synoptic gospels and found that those that believed in the Scripture identified with Christ by public baptism by immersion in water.

In May, 1990, I began to hold Bible studies in my home with a few people that worked with me, one of whom attends our church to this day. I witnessed to a former drinking friend a little bit later on, he professed Christ and joined our fellowship.  My preaching at these in home church meetings was predicated upon the King James Bible, and I was involved in what is commonly called deliverance ministry for some time.  During that time I preached in two churches outside of Pennsylvania, and became friends with two pastors whose friendship and conversation helped me to become more familiar with the current state of Christianity in America, and exposed me to material relating to what is commonly called the King James Only issue.

During December of  1992  I would lay in bed at night and Scriptures would pour through my mind on after another, and I sensed that I should go out on the street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to preach.  I resisted this call, until one day while studying at home my converted drinking friend called me up and said that he felt that he had to go out in public and hand outs tracts or something, and that he was supposed to call me.  At that point I surrendered to the call to preach publicly and we went at noon to the Third and Market Street corner in front of the Harrisburg state capital to preach.  We prayed for about ten minutes, I felt a great fear, but as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, a torrent of Scripture poured forth, and passers by mocked or jeered, while some avoided coming near me by evasive actions, walking in other directions or down alleys so they did not have to pass by.  I preached in Harrisburg numerous times, mostly alone, through out the winter and spring of 1993, including in front of St. Patrick”s Cathedral on Ash Wednesday at noon, when hundreds of state workers were walking in to receive ashes on their heads.

Two year later in August, 1995, I was released with an extra week of pay and a letter of recommendation from an Executive Chef job in a restaurant.  I came into contact with some street preachers, and I preached on the street in Harrisburg, State College at Penn State University main campus, and a few times in Philadelphia at Pennsylvania University, both alone and with another street preacher.  I continued street preaching at these places through 1999, holding up the King James Bible as the inspired word of God to college students and the public in general.  During the spring  of 2000, I was able to go with four of our church members to the Gay Pride Rally in Washington D.C. and hold up Scripture signs to an estimated 200,000 homosexual and lesbian activists, and assorted witches, warlocks and Devil worshipers.

During the summer of 2000, I happened to read a biography of Oliver Cromwell, and that inspired me to look into what the Puritans believed.  Having always believed the Scriptures, I had understood that a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ would never be cast out by God.  When I began to read various writings referred to as Calvinistic, I realized that save on one point, I had been a Calvinist since my conversion.  At this time the Scriptures seem to open more deeply to me, and I saw many things in Holy Writ that were previously hidden to my eyes.

In December of 2000, I began a short wave radio broadcast, THE AV 1611 HOUR, on WWRB in Tennessee.  The broadcast began with one night a week on Saturdays, and increased to three live preaching hour long broadcasts on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.  The broadcast became self supporting within a few months, and I received letters and contacts from people all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Holland, Guatemala, and one or two other European countries.  Due to a variety of circumstances, I stopped broadcasting in late 2005.  A number of the people I met during the radio years are still in contact with me to date., a number of whom forwarded various books and materials to me to review or consider.  For some time, I put out my phone number over the air, but quickly came to the conclusion that to do so was a big mistake.  One man tried to convince me I needed to be re-baptized in the name of Jesus only, one told me a long story about being underground in Area 51, still another called me up to tell me off and hang up.   The radio station manager at one time related to me how he had received mail and e-mails from  young men from inner mainland China that had sent him  large portions  of  verbatim transcripts of my preaching as proof of their shortwave reception.  It was very humbling to find that so many people I would never meet  heard my voice preaching the gospel. I did meet numerous sincere, kind and charitable sons and daughters of the  Most High God, and found the experience on the radio to be quite educational in many ways.  For the following year, I preached on WBCQ and James Llyod’s Christian Media Network with a show titled THE POLITICS OF RELIGION.

In 2004-2005 I wrote and published the book God’s Divorce, detailing the doctrine of divorce from the King James Bible and a variety of historical documents and sources.  The book proves that the Scripture nowhere teaches that divorce is always a sin, or that a divorced and remarried man is disabled thereby from preaching.  Upholding the Protestant position on divorce, the book touches on many other topics.

Cover of God's Divorce

In late 2006, my first website went up with about 25 audio sermons.   A man in Colorado who had listened to a series  on the  site offered his expertise in web work and was instrumental to the transition to this new web site and format, and hosts the web site. A former college room mate later found the web site, contacted me and we engaged me in conversation.  He subsequently left the Catholic Church, has over the past 2 years uploaded hundreds of audios and videos to this web site, and assisted me in many ways with the ministry.  Church preached sermons and topical studies have been organized and uploaded through his instrumentality.  He also provided editorial assistance for my second book, THE MIND OF THE JESUIT: SIGNS, SYMBOLS, DOGMA & THE DEVIL, the cover which is pictured below.

Front and Back Cover of The Mind of the Jesuit.

The Mind of the Jesuit absorbed much of my time from February 2009, to March of 2010.  The volume was published in November, 2010, and contains citations from hundreds of sources, many untouched by modern authors who have written on the Jesuits.  The work is meant to serve as a primer on the Jesuit Order for the Protestant, with the false notion of spiritual free will in fallen man soundly refuted from the Scriptures.  The Lord Jesus Christ is shown in the work to be Omnipotent in his rule and reign in the affairs of men.  The word of God is compared to the speech and writing of Jesuits, and the difference is clear.  In the course of the work many incidentals were discovered concerning the connection of the 911 event to the Jesuit Order, and the fact that the Jesuits are the true lineal descendants of the Knights Templar.

All through the various activities outlined above, I have continued to preach in our local assembly.  My current ministry labors are to continue to preach the gospel as I am able, and to encourage the children of God to live before Him according to the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles as found in the King James Bible.  It is my hope to add some additional photographs to this section in the near future, and some video of street ministry activity in Harrisburg that occurred on September 7, 2001, which, when viewed, has an obvious spiritual significance.  There are other projects ongoing, which will by God’s grace, come forth in the future.


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