The Gospel of Creation (Special Study)

A special study by Pastor Nelson Turner on the first verses and chapters of the Book of Genesis and the origin of all that was, is or will ever be. The word of God provides us with all the evidence necessary concerning how things came to be as they now are; and demonstrates the foolishness of those who from pride and disbelief formulate theories contrary to (or dismissive of) the Genesis creation account. Included among the doctrinally disoriented are the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church who admits the evolutionary scheme into the “Christian” faith as promulgated by his cadre of followers; and the ranks of atheistic, materialistic “scientists” and “philosophers” who refuse to believe that the things which are seen were created by and have their existence through Him Who is unseen.

The material which will be appended below as the study advances is available for free download directly from this page or by writing to Pastor Turner with your request at

The Gospel of Creation_Introduction__Pastor Nelson Turner

The Gospel of Creation_Part 1_ Pastor Nelson Turner

The Gospel of Creation_Part 2_Pastor Nelson Turner

The Gospel of Creation_Part 3_Pastor Nelson Turner_12-13-14

Noah and the Animals_Pastor Nelson Turner_Radio Version (WINB)_3-14-15

Noah and the Animals

Noah and the Animals_complete audio sermon_Pastor Nelson Turner_3-1-15

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