Articles for Consideration

  1. Doctrine of Election by Rev. Thomas Scott

  2. Expose’ on Dr. Peter S. Ruckman: Apostle of Free Will  

  3. A Historical Sketch Between the Jesuits and the Seculars in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth  

  4. William Wallace, Mel Gibson, and Braveheart  

  5. John Newton on Divine Providence  

  6. Things I Have Learned By The Word Of God And Experience  

  7. Donations and Limited Edition Book Offers  

  8. Constitutionalism Versus Imperialism  

  9. Militant Catholicism

  10. The War Between Good and Evil

  11. The Mind of the Jesuit – BOOK OFFER  

  12. Ball and Cross Symbolism and Texe Marrs  

  13. What Makes People Either Love or Hate Real Gospel Preaching  

  14. Statements of a Former Priest on How to Lose Your Country  

  15. Sabbath Keeping or Lord’s Day Worship  

  16. Pelagian Crypto-Catholic Dan Corner 

  17. Martin Luther on the Pope – cited by father of Benjamin Disraeli  

  18. Ignatius, Spying and Sedition- copyright 2009 N.C.Turner  

  19. Contending for the Faith  

  20. “Holly-Days” Are NOT Here For Christians  

  21. Agency of John Calvin in the Death of Michael Servetus Examined

  22. Gospel Liberty versus Free Will

  23. Gail Riplinger & Her Doctrine

  24. The Knights Templar, Ignatius, And The Society Of Jesus  

  25. Encyclopedia of Quotations on the Jesuits & Popery  

  26. Catholic Denial of Transubstantiation  

  27. 9-11 Event a Jesuit Commemoration Day  

  28. A Brief Vindication Of Oliver Cromwell  

  29. Oliver Cromwell And The Jesuits  

  30. Statements of a Former Priest (William Hogan)  

  31. Photo-Gallery of Popery

  32. Society of Jesus Under The Curse of God

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